Come to the planet of Denpa and travel around the world with me!

Dengba, from Tibetan, the meaning of wisdom. Everything stems from a dream about travel and life. Everyone is a traveler on the road of life. Always walk a strange road, meet some people, make our life easier, and make our life happier. The planet of Denpa is the beginning of this dream. After eleven years of development, Dengba Planet has developed more than 1 million online communities, and nearly 100 youth hostels are located all over the world. However, during many years of homestay and community operations, we found that the current model has problems of trust, mobility, lack of incentives, and opaque centralization, which hinders the footsteps of Dengba. The perfect transformation of the planet in 2018, the use of the latest blockchain technology, with the strong commercial performance of the Ultiledger public chain agreement, assist the original Dengba business, build a new business model, build the world's largest decentralized backpacker community.

Dengba Ecology

Dengba Hostels

15+ countries

100+ cities

Dengba Communities

Global volunteer 10,000+Flow of passengers / year 1000,000+

Token Economy

DBT community rewards ecological consumption、hostel crowdfunding

Member Benefits

Consumer discounts financial management, public welfare

User sharing

  • "Thought and walk" Lifelong thoughts and walking trails People's lives are on the journey until the end. We are eager to discover and recognize ourselves, eager to meet unexpectedly, and longing for warmth outside.

  • I have been longing for the big city, and I came to Shanghai Dengba. I discovered that the original youth hostel can also be so beautiful, so diverse, so fashionable and fun.

  • "I am in Chengdu" April 1, 2016. The first time I went to Chengdu Kuanzhai Alley, it was the first time I came to this true sense of the Youth Hostel. The environment is biased towards the Tibetan style, with a large courtyard outside and a four-pointed plum at the door.

    King worm


The most spokesperson


"The feeling of home" Every time you go out to go home, you will always tell your friends and relatives where you have gone, what kind of scenery you have seen.


The world is so big, I want to go see it; go to the desert, dance with the camel, play with the yellow sand to see the plateau, and accompany the loess.

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